Law Firm Case Studies

Our law firm case studies show some of our winning verdicts and settlements. 

The firm’s lawyers have enjoyed success for our clients in matters large and small. Jeffrey Raphaelson offers more than twenty-five years of experience and a solid reputation for effective dispute resolution and client advocacy. We invite you to read about some of our winning results. The reported cases depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case, and do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future matter.

$3 Million Settlement For Traumatic Brain Injury Caused During Sinus Surgery

During routine sinus surgery, the surgeon breached the bone at the base of Client’s skull with a surgical tool called a microdebrider. CT scans taken before and after the surgery established the missing piece of bone at the skull base.

Child Injured On Escalator In China Obtains $3.35 Million Verdict In United States; $8.9 Million Final Judgment

Judgment upheld by Massachusetts Appeals Court in 2010 on issue of first impression – Nonseller trademark licensor who participates substantially in the design, manufacture, or distribution of the licensee’s products may be held liable under Massachusetts law as an apparent manufacturer.

$3.5 Million Settlement For Client Who Suffered Compartment Syndrome

Client, a 20 year-old young man with a history of muscular dystrophy, underwent vulpius heel cord lengthening surgery and a right midfoot osteotomy with staple fixation at a leading Boston hospital. Tourniquet time during the surgery substantially exceeded the time limits set by hospital policy. Following the surgery, the attending surgeon casted Client’s leg and admitted Client to the hospital for monitoring.

Jury Awards Family $1.9 Million For Hospital’s Neglect In Malpractice Case

Joe presented to the Saint Vincent Hospital emergency department with complaints of dizziness and lightheadedness. The emergency department physician’s assistant ordered a CT scan, which showed recent bilateral occipital infarcts (strokes) between 24 hours and 2 weeks old.

$3 Million Settlement for Patient’s Brain Bleed Mistaken for Migraine

In the early morning hours of May 28, 2005, a 29 year-old woman presented to a community hospital emergency department by ambulance with a headache, vomiting and diminished consciousness. The ambulance personnel inaccurately reported to two emergency department nurses that the plaintiff had a history of migraines.

Seven-Figure Settlements for Family That Tragically Lost Two To Malpractice

Alexis was born with a fused trachea and esophagus, which required several operations to separate. By 29 months, she was breathing well with the help of a ventilator and was beginning to communicate with sign language, and her family had begun making plans for her to come home from the long-term Boston rehabilitation hospital where she had lived since she was a baby.

$1.6 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement For Delayed Diagnosis Of Child’s Hip Dysplasia

Mia was four months old when the Defendant radiologist read an X-ray of her left hip as normal and showing no dislocation. Unfortunately, the X-ray showed that Mia had a dislocated hip, and Defendant’s mis-read of the film delayed the diagnosis of Mia’s hip dysplasia for more than two years.

Clients Recover Double Damages From Defendant Landlord And Punitive Damages And Attorney’s Fees Against Bank

Our clients pursued an opportunity to open a restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts. Relying on the landlord’s representations that his licenses were valid, our clients invested $200,000 in restaurant equipment, leasehold improvements and up-front lease payments. But shortly after opening, Boston police officers ordered the new venture shut down because of the landlord’s ongoing dispute with the licensing authorities. Our clients had to close the restaurant.

$950K Legal Malpractice Settlement Against Lawyer Who Negligently Prosecuted Client’s Wrongful Death Case And Misused Client Funds

Liability in the wrongful death case was clear from the outset, so the Defendant attorney's primary focus should have been identifying and preserving assets for collection to satisfy the judgment Client was likely to obtain. Nevertheless, the Defense attorney failed to take the appropriate steps to secure and preserve assets for collection.

Judge Orders Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company To Pay Disability Policy

Our client purchased a disability insurance policy from Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company. One year later, he suffered a series of debilitating strokes. MassMutual disclaimed coverage and refused to pay any benefits. It claimed that the client had declared on his application that certain pre-existing insurance coverage would be cancelled upon issuance of the new MassMutual policy, and that the coverage had not been cancelled.