Raphaelson Law Firm Billing & Fees

We work with each client to develop a fee arrangement that best aligns with the client’s litigation goals.

At Raphaelson Law Firm, a central component of adding value within each client relationship is creating a fee arrangement that is tailored to suit each client’s needs. We offer alternative fee structures in addition to traditional hourly billing.

Traditional Hourly Billing

Under a traditional hourly billing structure, Raphaelson, Attorneys At Law receives an hourly rate for our attorneys’ work on a client’s case. As with any other fee arrangement, we focus on diligence and efficiency to minimize the cost to the client.

Traditional Contingent Fee

A traditional contingent fee is a fee structure in which Raphaelson, Attorneys At Law receives an agreed upon percentage of the recovery in a lawsuit brought on a client’s behalf. In this arrangement, the client typically pays the expenses associated with the litigation; however, we do share litigation costs with clients in some circumstances and are willing to discuss different options with clients. A traditional contingent fee structure often appeals to clients who have limited resources to finance their litigation and wish to bring claims for monetary damages.

Hybrid Hourly Rate/Contingent Fee

In a modified or hybrid hourly rate/contingent fee arrangement, Raphaelson, Attorneys At Law charges the client by the hour at an agreed upon rate to a capped amount, plus a percentage of the recovery in the lawsuit. Using a hybrid hourly rate/contingent fee aproach can allow clients to reduce costs, while still sharing the risks associated with litigation with Raphaelson, Attorneys At Law. As with traditional contingent fee arrangements, the hybrid hourly rate/contingent fee arrangement typically appeals to clients who are seeking primarily monetary damages.