Client Testimonials

A few testimonials from our clients.

I think you are the consummate litigation attorney, from the way you present yourself, to your organization skills, to your zest for justice. I am very impressed with you – and I want to thank you personally for the patience and stamina you showed with a case that was very important to me.

J.H., Partner in Partnership Dispute
We again thank you for working harder and being brighter than any legal team that we have encountered in our combined years of practice.
G.D. & N.M., Worcester Attorneys
Thank you for always being open to suggestions and for treating me and George with so much respect. We felt you were truly vested in us, and we had complete confidence in you. You could not have done a better job, nor could you have done it in a better way.
N.M., Worcester Attorney
I had several legal issues going on at the same time. I initially worked with a large regional firm, but they weren’t getting the job done. Jeff immersed himself in the details of my business problems. He took a pragmatic view, but his approach to resolving the issues was surprising and original. Jeff was open and honest and easy to work with, and he returned positive result after positive result.
P.R., Business Owner
Jeff cared about me and my legal problem. He gave me an honest assessment of my case and he made me comfortable with the whole process. He went to work and got the result that we believed was right and just. His sincerity and conviction really came across in the courtroom.
R.D., Business Owner
Jeff is not like any other attorney I have worked with. He fought for me not just with his head, but also with his heart. It wasn’t what I was going through; it was what we were going through together. He fought with honesty and integrity, and the jury recognized and rewarded that.
S.Y., Restaurant Owner
We were impressed with Jeff’s energy, originality and positive attitude. He kept digging for details, and never let up. He never doubted the rightness of our cause. The jury really responded well to him, and he got us a great result.
K.B. & J.B., Business Owners
It was a difficult time, but I was energized working with Jeff. I really appreciated that when Jeff talked to me about my son, it felt like he was talking as one father to another father.
J.L., Father Of Injured Child