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We focus our business litigation practice on: Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Partnership and Shareholder Disputes; Unfair or Deceptive Conduct in Business; Insurance Disputes, and Construction Disputes.

We make every effort to genuinely understand at the beginning of the relationship the legal issues facing our business clients. We offer realistic options to allow them to make informed decisions when it matters most—at the beginning of the dispute. Together we work to develop a sensible litigation plan containing thoughtful strategies designed to serve the client’s specific interests. We understand value-added relationships and will consider in appropriate matters contingent fee or hybrid hourly rate/contingent fee arrangements.

For over 25 years hard work, loyalty and integrity form the foundation of our practice

Partnership Disputes and Shareholder Disputes

For more than twenty-five years, Jeff Raphaelson has successfully represented partners and shareholders in closely held companies in a wide variety of fiduciary disputes, including self-dealing, misappropriation of partnership or corporate opportunities, freeze-out of minority shareholders, and partnership and shareholder valuation issues. Mr. Raphaelson has also represented fiduciaries or beneficiaries in trust disputes and will contests.

Unfair or Deceptive Conduct In Business

Raphaelson Law has helped its clients resolve a broad range of unfair and deceptive conduct cases, including willful breach of contract, wrongful interference with advantageous business relations, fraud and other unfair or deceptive conduct in business.

Insurance Disputes

We advise individuals and companies in a wide range of disputes involving insurance coverage for fire, life, disability, and property. Business owners and individuals rely on us to protect their interests against insurance companies who wrongfully refuse to pay fair value on claims or deny coverage altogether. We work to fully understand the dispute as early as possible, engaging appropriate experts as necessary, so that we may give our clients informed options from the beginning of the dispute.

Construction Disputes

Construction disputes can arise at a variety of points in a project for a variety of reasons, including contract disputes, fraudulent broker representations, schedule delays or disruptions, construction or design defects, change orders, mechanic’s liens, and warranty claims for performance.  Disputes can involve developers, builders, subcontractors, brokers, buyers, sellers, banks, insurance companies and local authorities. At Raphaelson Law we work to fully understand all sides of the issue to get our client around Worcester MA and Boston MA the best results, whether by negotiated settlement or, if necessary, by litigation.

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